GreenWrap High Volume: 50+ packages per day

Improves speed! The GreenWrap High Volume paper packaging system automatically dispenses GreenWrap with the tap of your foot! 

Protective Paper Cushioning!

GreenWrap is an eco-friendly protective wrapping and cushioning packaging solution for parcel shipping.

GreenWrap ExBox: 0-50 packages per day

The GreenWrap ExBox is a compact and on-demand paper packaging solution.   1 small box = 5 GreenWrap Ready Rolls

GreenWrap Ready Roll: 0-25 packages per day

Pre-expanded, GreenWrap Ready Rolls are ready to use and available in multiple colors for small businesses and occasional shippers. An eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap packaging!

A Socially Responsible Packaging Solution

Geami products are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, and made from Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified material or recycled content.

GreenWrap Ready Rolls in black die-cut kraft paper!

A cost-effective, protective packaging solution with a touch of class!   Available in assorted tissue colors.


GreenWrap protective paper packaging is cost-competitive to other packaging materials on the market, and it offers other value-added cost savings.

Attractive Presentation

GreenWrap is an essential packaging material that has a great in the box presentation. When you open the box, it’s easy to unwrap – all without a mess!

Assortment of Colors

GreenWrap interleaf tissue is available in an assortment of colors to match your brand.

GreenFill: Foam-in-Place Alternative

GreenFill is the “paper-in-place” alternative to foam in place and other oil-based packaging materials. GreenFill is easily dispensed through a portable, automated, machine.

Geami Paper Packaging



Reduce packaging materials and shipping costs



Superior cushioning protection



Improves wrapping speed and overall packing throughput



100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable



Unparalleled presentation enhances the customer experience

    Geami® manufactures innovative cost-effective and eco-friendly protective paper packaging materials; alternatives for a wide range of oil-based materials commonly used to protect items during shipping. GreenWrap protective cushioning products are efficient replacements for bubble, foam, packing peanuts and air pillows.

    Our products are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

    We understand that choosing a packaging solution is so much more than just packing and shipping costs. Other elements such as warehousing, productivity, brand image, unparalleled in-the-box presentation, the environment and excellent customer service may affect your purchasing decision. To offer you the best solution, Geami's packaging experts take all these elements into account when evaluating your packaging challenges and specific needs.

    Regardless of your shipping volume or your business size, Geami has a packaging material option that cost effectively meets your needs. Geami serves Fortune 500 companies, Top 100 Catalogers, the industrial sector and small businesses; shipping over 35 million packages.

    Geami's products are proudly made in the U.S.A.