How GreenWrap is Made

by Yvette Apodaca

Brown Die Cut Kraft Paper with White Interleaf TissueThere are two layers to GreenWrap.
The outer layer, die-cut kraft paper and the inner layer, interleaf tissue.

Die-cut kraft paper + interleaf tissue= GreenWrap

GreenWrap protective packaging is made through an innovative process.

We begin our process of creating GreenWrap by selecting plain kraft paper and interleaf tissue from recycled material suppliers and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified suppliers to ensure our resources are from sustainable sources.  From there, we begin a patented die-cutting process to convert the ordinary kraft paper.

Our Die-cutting Process

Recycled Brown Die-Cut Kraft Paper

Our kraft paper is pre-cut with more than 2.7 million slits on each roll.

The GreenWrap outer layer begins as ordinary kraft paper.  Using our patented process, the plain kraft paper is die-cut with thousands of slits that when expanded, produces a three-dimensional honeycomb web of angled cells. GreenWrap is converted (when the slits are cut into the paper) in our Raleigh, North Carolina facility, and all our products are made in the U.S.A.

Once complete, the die-cut kraft paper still looks like a roll of kraft paper, but now it contains slits, that when pulled or expanded, turn into three-dimensional web that has a fluffy nest or waffle appearance. An unexpanded roll of our die-cut kraft paper has more than 2.7 million cells when expanded!

Traditional kraft paper vs. GreenWrap

Traditional kraft paper vs. GreenWrap

Traditional Kraft Paper vs. GreenWrap

Usually, kraft paper is a packing material that requires a large amount of product in order to provide sufficient cushioning when shipping items. This is not the case with GreenWrap, since the loft of the material is increased. Loft is the thickness of a fabric or insulating material (such as goose down). Maximum loft is an essential property in order for a cushioning material to be effective.

The inner layer of GreenWrap, our interleaf tissue, is added to our outer die-cut layer to create a protective packaging material that transforms the die-cut paper into an effective cushioning material by increasing the loft by 30 times. This is how GreenWrap is made!

The GreenWrap Ready Roll is available in an expanded, ready to use form, and we also have expander machines that stretch out the pre-cut slits, at your facility, for larger volume shippers.

Click below to learn more about which GreenWrap cushioning solution is right for you:

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