GreenWrap Products

Geami’s Green Packaging Options

Geami’s GreenWrap is the combination of a patented expanding die-cut kraft paper with a soft interleaf tissue resulting in a cost effective, protective packaging material that provides in the box protection for your shipping and handling.

GreenWrap is the ideal eco-friendly solution to replace plastic packaging materials you may currently use.

Our protective packaging material is compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

The papers used to create GreenWrap are either Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified or made from recycled content. GreenWrap is biodegradable and recyclable through your community’s recycling program.

Affordable, protective packaging solutions for all company sizes

GreenWrap protective packaging material is offered to meet your shipping volume needs. We accommodate small shop owners who ship a few packages daily to mid-size or large companies that ship thousands of packages per day. Geami offers eco-friendly protective packaging solutions to fit your needs and save you money.

Green Packaging

GreenWrap ExBox

Green Packaging

GreenWrap High Volume

Learn more about which GreenWrap solution is right for your business:

GreenWrap ExBoxA compact, portable, box of unexpanded GreenWap. 0-50 packages per day

GreenWrap High VolumeA packaging system that uses a machine. 50+ packages per day